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I strongly dislike the trend of labeling even the most minor shortcomings as FAIL or EPIC FAIL. This dislike is partially influenced by the distaste I find in rushing to judge something as a failure and otherwise derived from the poor grammatical execution of making a verb into a noun. So I avoided the temptation to title this post in such a fashion.

But I definitely thought of it.

Right, so I was going to post my gaming thoughts here, starting with GDC 2k8 reactions. I didn’t, mostly because I kept planning this über post in my head and, like with so many creative tasks, the longer it got put off the bigger it seemed until I stand here nearly a year after my last post with nothing to show for it but shame.

So my new resolution is to write at least one post per week, regardless of length. Let’s see if I can stick to that one, eh? (I will now post a few things in rapid succession to make up for the first several weeks of this year in which I posted nothing. I’ve had them in the tank for a while.)